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Melani Alcaino Brand Development

Getting dressed should be easy and fun. When you look good and feel good, it adds an extra layer of confidence and energy that is so important for not only yourself but for the world to witness, including those closest to us like our friends and family. Melani Alcaino is a personal stylist and image consultant whose passion is to help women flourish by showing them how they can feel and look their best in whatever activities they take part in throughout their day. After all, The Day Deserves Your Style.

Creating a wardrobe look that you love can feel overwhelming, but with Melani’s personal stylist and image consultant services, she makes the process easy and fun! Melani’s goal is for women to feel their best while radiating confidence through their outward appearance, whatever their style! As someone who deeply values helping her clients, Melani wants to teach women the best way to truly utilize their current wardrobe.

As women, we are constantly bombarded with the pressure to feel like we should inherently know our personal style, what to wear and how to wear it. When you’re rushing from one place to the next, looking after everyone else, climbing the corporate ladder, running your own business or taking care of the kids–looking great falls to the bottom of the priority list. Melani takes the burden off of many women by helping them to create a wardrobe and style that they will rock everyday, no matter the occasion.

Your closet should not just consist of clothes that look nice hanging on a hanger while you wear the same three go-to outfits over and over again. Melani loves to help her clients organize and assess their current wardrobe. Dress for the life you deserve. After all, the day deserves your style!

As a personal stylist, Melani offers services that fit her clients’ needs. If you need some style advice or just feel like you would rather not do it yourself, this is where Melani can come and do some one-on-one work with you. ​

Be sure to visit her website at to learn more about Melani and all the amazing services she offers to help women have the wardrobe they deserve and feel confident in!



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