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Montessori School of Tupelo Brand Development

Designed By: Gina King Written By: Trevor Hart

Montessori School of Tupelo believes in fostering a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. The Montessori School represents a nontraditional educational environment that fosters a unique learning experience through individualized learning strategies. This is at the heart of Montessori School of Tupelo’s beliefs and shaped much of the vision for our recent rebrand for them.

The Montessori philosophy is predicated on children’s natural curiosity and their innate desire to learn. Montessori School of Tupelo facilitates independent learning, freedom within reason, and respect for others to create the optimal learning environment for students. Parallel learning allows students to grow at their own pace through hands-on activities, and Montessori School of Tupelo celebrates this form of natural, individualized learning.

Unlike in a traditional classroom, Montessori students’ progress is assessed at an individual level rather than by a unilateral grading scale. Participating in a learning environment that promotes critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity fosters an early love of learning among Montessori students that equips them with the tools needed for later academic success.

So much of Montessori School of Tupelo’s story revolves around a love of learning and natural growth, so the School’s brand should reflect that. Before we developed their rebrand, the old logo did not represent the kid-friendly learning environment they are known for. The sheaths of wheat centered in a bronze press made for a stately logo, but it did not convey the warm, nurturing environment it was designed to represent to outside audiences.

Showcasing their organic, unique learning environment was our first priority in developing their rebrand, which is how the dandelion logo came to be. The dandelion flower is a symbol of growth, hope, and development. Starting out as a yellow bud, this flower transforms into a head of seeds that spreads across the land to take root and produce future growth.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, friend or family member of the children of Montessori School of Tupelo, you are a part of this growth. Just like the dandelion, you are spreading the learning experience through the example you lead and motivating the next generation.

We are leaders, nurturers and motivators.

The nurturing of every child’s natural curiosity and the promotion of individual growth is at the heart of Montessori School of Tupelo’s story, so it was important that we showcase the school’s unique story and perspective through each piece of the brand we developed.

Building off the dandelion logo, we developed messaging and visual elements that evoke a sense of accessibility, child-friendliness, and natural wonder. Collaborating with Montessori School of Tupelo leadership, we began developing brand aspects that reflected the school’s overall voice and key values. The specific shades of clay, green, and blue–to name a few–set the tone for how students and parents alike will perceive the Montessori School of Tupelo.

It was a top priority of ours to develop messaging that would be engaging across multiple channels including website and social media content and physical merchandise. We integrated the taglines “A love of learning to last a lifetime” and “Leaders, nurturers, and motivators” into a variety of branded merchandise items, as seen in the photos below. Both of these taglines aptly summarize the Montessori School of Tupelo’s mission and guiding philosophy.

Finally, after developing the brand new Montessori School of Tupelo brand, we revamped their website to better showcase the Montessori environment. The website encapsulates Montessori School of Tupelo’s overall brand including the redesigned logo, updated color palette, and imagery associated with the school’s learning initiatives. Moreover, the website is modern, accessible, and easy for parents to navigate. We proudly launched the new website June of 2023.

The Montessori School of Tupelo represents a unique, organic approach to education that breaks away from traditional classroom methods. The brand for such a school should reflect the modern and authentic approach to teaching and learning. At 88 West, capturing this unique identity was at the forefront for this rebrand.

Check out their updated website, or see more from this rebrand in our portfolio. Reach out to us at (662) 322-8921 or to discuss how 88 West can assist your company. Whether it’s brand development, social media services, or content writing, we can’t wait to work on your brand together!



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