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The Importance of Branding & The 88 West Process

Updated: Jun 24

The Importance of Branding

From startups to corporations, branding elevates your company and allows you to stand out from the crowd. At 88 West, we transform brands through strategy, visual identity, and physical and online presence. Our talented team of strategists, designers, and writers is dedicated to equipping our clients with all the tools necessary for success in today’s business landscape.

Branding is defined as “the identity and story of a company that makes it stand out from competitors that sell similar products or services.” The goal in developing a brand should be to ensure that your target audience will have your brand top of mind when doing business. Especially in crowded markets like healthcare, construction, or real estate, differentiation is the key to success. To ensure a unique, standout brand, the 88 West teams offers expertise in three essential areas:

  1. Brand Language: You’ve got a message, you just have to figure out how to present it. At 88 West, we can help develop your brand name and tagline, your company’s voice and tone, and the best way to tell your brand story.

  2. Identity Design: Our graphic designers develop a full brand identity for your business. This includes a versatile set of logos, a dynamic color palette, and everything you need to market your brand in a variety of mediums.

  3. Brand Activation: Your website, social media, and physical marketing items are essential to getting your brand in the minds of consumers. We design each of these intentionally to earn you the best results with consistency across all brand touchpoints.

The 88 West Process

At 88 West, we strive to give you the tools you need to ensure your brand is consistent and engaging through all channels. We want your brand story to move onto even bigger and better successes. Through our 4-step process, we help brands reach new heights.

  1. Discover: We fully immerse ourselves in your company so that we can uncover what really makes you unique. We facilitate collaborative workshops and research studies to define a strong action plan so you reach your branding goals.

  2. Create: We take your full story to craft you a strong brand that represents you through design, photography, and marketing content. Our creative team then crafts you a series of new creative concepts that will position your brand correctly for true success.

  3. Refine: We believe that every effective product is the result of a strategic process. You will work closely with our team to select, create, develop and refine your brand. We collaborate with you every step of the way and explore new possibilities that deliver results–more impressions, more leads, more conversions.

  4. Launch: The final step of our process is to guide you through a successful launch showcasing your new brand to the world. We will reinforce your new identity throughout the web, packaging, social and so much more.

Branding from the inside out means transforming your business from one of the crowd to the standout choice in the eyes of consumers. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, we want to hear from you! Shoot us an email at or call us today at (662) 322-8921. Let’s create something great together!

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