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Wholey Foods Brand Development

Through their handcrafted meals, Wholey Foods encompasses everything it stands for: free from additives, nitrates and other preservatives. Wholey Foods is not a diet but a commitment to wellness and healthy living. How do they accomplish this, you ask? Well, they simply use FOOD GROWN BY THE SUN. They use fresh veggies, fruit and proteins that are clean and humanely raised to support a healthier lifestyle for the Bay St. Louis community. Prep your day the right way.

Like many businesses, Wholey Foods was presented with a need to rebrand and take a fresh look at business after the COIVD pandemic shifted spending trends. Before the pandemic, many of their customers would utilize Wholey Foods’ Grab & Go meals before heading into the office. Now with more and more people working from home, opportunity to hit those same people in a fresh way was presented. Now people will be able to order prepared meals for their upcoming work week whether they are back in the office or working from home. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you have to go through the fast-food drive thru or eat PB&J everyday. Instead, fresh and healthy meals can be waiting for you in the fridge. Through research and touch points on the Wholey Foods story, we introduce you to the same great company you have known with a brand new look. ​

It was important to us that we create a versatile logo that is strong, modern, and makes an impact no matter what it is on. Just like you see in the letter “o” of Wholey Foods, the company stands behind using Food Grown By The Sun.

A healthy lifestyle of living and eating is the Wholey Foods theology. Their mission is to help people on their journey to a healthier lifestyle by providing quality, clean food that is full of flavor. They have a whole support staff – a life coach, trainer, and chef to help people each step of the way.

The team at Wholey Foods knows first hand about the struggle to find healthy food that tastes good. Through prepping several great meal options to choose from, Wholey Foods takes the stress and work out of preparing your fuel for the day.

Visit their website at to learn more of the amazing story that spurred Wholey Foods into existence and the incredible people behind the mission.



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