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The Value of Brand Photography

Updated: Jun 24

First impressions are everything, even in marketing! Your brand’s visual identity is a powerful tool for building long-lasting relationships with consumers, starting right from their very first interaction with your business. At 88 West, brand photography is just one of the elements we assist clients with when building a strong, cohesive brand. Let’s explore the key reasons you should invest in quality photography as well as the 88 West photography process.

Remember, every channel of marketing you pursue is a part of your brand, and the key to building a viable brand is consistency across channels.

  1. The Visual Language of Brands: In our previous blog, Creating Logos for a Brand Family, we discussed the importance of crafting a cohesive visual identity for your brand. Photography is an extension of this identity. Many aspects of marketing are extremely visually-oriented, and beautiful photographs engage your audience and help tell your brand’s story.

  2. Elevating Social Media Presence: Social media is almost entirely a visual medium. Brand photography makes your business stand out in a crowded market. Differentiate yourself from your competitors with striking graphics that make an impression on your audience!

  3. Creating a Consistent Brand Image: Outsourcing your brand photography keeps your imagery consistent. A cohesive social media presence is far more likely to receive high levels of engagement than one with a disjointed aesthetic. Remember, every channel of marketing you pursue is a part of your brand, and the key to building a viable brand is consistency across channels.

88 West’s Brand Photography Process

Like every project we complete, our brand photography emphasizes a human approach. We want our clients to feel supported every step of the way, so guiding you through each step from the right clothes to wear to the right style of photography is our priority. The best photos come from when our client is comfortable and at ease. Below is just a brief overview of our brand photography process:

  1. Initial Brainstorming: The process begins with a discussion with our creative team: how does photography fit into the puzzle of your brand identity? After gaining a sense of your brand identity, we’ll begin piecing together a mood board with inspiration for your photos.

  2. Planning: Once we have a clear vision for the photoshoot, we’ll begin preparing for the actual shoot day. Setting the date, confirming the location, and making sure you feel prepared are all key points of the planning stage.

  3. The Photo Shoot: Depending on the scope of the project, the photo shoot can look like a few different things. For clients like Carbine Construction, our photographer shoots on-location at completed projects. Likewise, in real estate, brand photography is the perfect tool for showcasing new listings, recently sold homes, or new constructions! Conversely, professional headshots and portraits can be shot in your office or a location of your choosing.

  4. Editing & Distribution: Finally, we edit all photos in-house to make sure everything is picture-perfect! When shooting outside, this can mean removing background clutter like passing cars or distracting signage. Likewise, colors and elements are corrected and blended together to make sure everything fits within your brand standards. After the editing is completed, we’re ready to send you your photos, implement them into your social media package, or upload them to your website!

Visual identity is a critical element of brand-building and wayfinding. Whether you’re a brand new business just getting started or a veteran company looking for a refresh, an investment in brand photography is an investment in your company’s future. If you’re ready to showcase your team, services, or products, we’re with you every step of the way!

As a full-service branding and marketing agency, 88 West has expertise in brand photography for a variety of clients. If you are looking to elevate your social media presence or take your brand’s visual identity to the next level, visit our website or contact us today at or (662) 322-8921. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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